• Recruiters and all members of the Talent Acquisition team (employed by AFS directly or as a consultant or through an agency) and anyone whose tasking involves sourcing for new hires are excluded from the program.
  • Managing Directors excluded from the program.
  • Hiring managers and supervisors are eligible only for referrals made to programs outside of their management responsibility.
  • Bonuses are awarded based on the calendar year coinciding with the new hire start date and after the referral has completed 90 calendar days of employment.
  • New Hire must indicate upon initial application through the on-line recruiting tool that a current employee referred them or list the referring non-employee. The bonus, if applicable, will only be paid to the individual listed within this recruiting system.
  • Candidates already under consideration within a position do not qualify as a referral.
  • In the case of multiple referrals of the same person, the earliest referral only will be credited.
  • Because of a possible conflict of interest issues, federal government employees are not eligible to participate in the
    referral offer.
  • Anyone referring a 1099 contractor that we eventually hire as an employee is eligible for 50% of the cash referral bonus amount stated in our current policy.